Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Bride of Frankenstein Goes Christmas Shopping

Hee, just kidding. The Bride of Frankenstein is a better looking ho than this train wreck. Isn’t the joy and glow of newly married love showing all over The Beard’s face? Seriously, look beyond the gargantuan “don’t look at me even though I am calling all sorts of attention by wearing sunglasses indoors and at night” shades on her face. Look beyond the dried out, gnarly hair. Look beyond the pale, pale skin, which is basically beginning to sink into her skull. Can you see it now? Look at her eyes. Those dollar signs are a true reflection of the amazing love that she and The Wee One share.
Anyhow, here she is, all in black, assless, soulless and, oh did I forget to mention, CAREERLESS, just a mere day after posing for a photo op with the less fortunate of East L.A. while her minions brought forth Christmas trees and bags of goodies. Yes, just a mere day after visiting a family who couldn’t afford to get a Christmas tree, Queen Katie is probably dropping more money on a pair of shoes than this family brings in for a month. Does “hypocrite” come to mind? Or maybe “P.R. shtick”? Regardless, methinks that Queen Katie had better hope that Scieno-Santa leaves her a nail file and a good pair of running shoes under the Scieno-approved Christmas tree. Xenu knows you can’t run in those stilettos she’s been sporting lately.


Blogger Sparky said...

Amazing report, Sheila. I would agree, the Bride of Xenustein has crapped her career, destroyed her looks and made her an ulcer on the stomach of Hollywood.

I even go so far as to be equally revulsed by her mug or her Master lil' Tommy. I was looking forward to seeing "Thank you for Smoking". I ended up HATING the film because that no-talent freak-show was in it. Thank god that lil' Tommy deep-sixed the nude scenes or I would have had to tear my eyes out.

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