Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jen and Vince Break Up for Real and Nobody Cares!

Awwww, Jen and Vince, you waited too long for your blockbuster news! In a week following the split of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson (and I thought those crazy kids would make it work), Tori Spelling's garage sale, the public unveiling of Britney's vajayjay and her surprising camaraderie with Paris and LiLo, and Katie and the Wee One's return from their (cough) honeymoon, your little bombshell was bound to get passed over.
While I'm sure that People is crying into its printing press, is anyone surprised . . .or even care? Since these two never officially admitted they were dating, at least in a romantic sense, does this mean that they really were dating and they really have broken up? Are they re-releasing The Break Up? Is there something to promote? Or has it been an entire month without Jen on the cover of People?
You know what this means, folks. Next week. Jen gracing the cover of People yet again. And more sob stories to come on Oprah. Save me, Jesus! Save me, Tom Cruise!